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Raising the Bar – One-on-One Coaching Session

Thanks again for the coaching that you provided. It has made such a big difference! I am already seeing results. I feel so much less stressed and lines of communication have been improved.

After we spoke on the first day, you would recall that I met with my supervisor and established a number of target dates for follow-up meetings/communication on a number of issues. We achieved one of the goals set and actually held our first meeting on one of the subject areas. We have also scheduled a follow up meeting for this coming Friday. I am also careful to set dates and times for achieving goals. This has definitely helped to keep things in focus and provides a sense of accomplishment when the targets have actually been met.

I have also established weekly team meetings for the segment of the team that I rarely met with before. So far we have had two very successful meetings in which we have identified issues that need to be addressed in order to improve our performance and the performance of the Unit as a whole. I have also shared some of the recommendations with my supervisor. The notes for the meetings have also been recorded and will further be shared with my supervisor. Also, I asked the group to complete the questionnaire that we discussed, (I have attached a copy for your review) and the results were very insightful. I will be sharing the information with my Management as well…

I have also re-allocated some of the tasks that I performed in order to allow me to focus on the more pertinent issues which were being neglected. As a result, I have resumed the submission of my weekly reports to my supervisor and resumed work on some of the projects that I just never seemed to have time to do previously.

I am very pleased with the progress that has been made so far and I am confident that further improvements will be made as we continue to move forward.

JF | Anonymous

Three-day Training for Middle Level Managers

…There was something called ‘Fear’ that actually controlled every aspect of my life
…I was afraid to look anyone in the face
..I didn’t have the courage to speak in public, not even among my peers. ..my self- esteem was low.
However, on the final day of the seminar, I felt so relieved of what was holding me back.- ‘I felt free’. I was able to discuss my inner fears, look persons straight in the eye, and my self-esteem went to a high that I can’t explain. I was even called upon to give the vote of thanks, which according to my peers, I did very well.

I have moved to a new environment of work, and the training has been helping me tremendously to master my undertakings on the job..


LW | Anonymous


Over the years, Brice Roberts has conducted a number of training sessions for our management and staff. These sessions have proved quite insightful, impactful and beneficial to our organisation.

Her wealth of knowledge and experience…gained from her years of diverse work experience and professional training… is invaluable. We highly recommend her as someone we deem able to assist in the training of management and staff for improved performance.

Training & Development Officer | TDC Ltd

Customer Service Excellence

The St Kitts Tourism Authority would like to thank you for effectively carrying out your duties as facilitator of the Customer Service Excellence Workshop sponsored by the Organisation of American States….We are indeed pleased with the positive comments of the participants, and therefore would like to highly commend you for your services.

Human Resource & Projects Manager | St Kitts Tourism Authority

Strategies for Deepening and Strengthening the Guidance and Counselling Process and Achieving Results

…Training involved all the Guidance Counsellors employed by the Ministry of Education and deployed throughout the various schools.

…The consensus of the participants ..was that the facilitator presented a package of workable, effective strategies in a manner that was professional, employed a style that was inclusive and inter-active, demonstrated a pronounced sense of understanding of what new paradigms Guidance Counselling should pursue in modern times, and reflected genuine concern for the success of the multi-faceted tasks that Gudiance Counsellors are charged with…

The Ministry is satisfied…and records its profound gratitude…for an excellent presentation and performance.

Education Officer, Training et al | Ministry of Education and Information: Education Department, St Kitts