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Who are we?

We are a Consulting firm established as a one-stop business shop offering services in the areas of performance and operations management. Our clients are persons in the service and product areas who have profited from our programmes for closing performance gaps, towards meeting goals and objectives.

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Services Offered

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We assist organisations in:
 Developing Strategies for nurturing a high- performance culture towards achieving business goals

 We carry out Training & Development programmes for Executives and other individuals on various topics including:


- Communication  -  Performance Appraisal  -   Facilitating Empowerment

- Team Building  -   Motivational Techniques  -   Time Management
- Leadership - Planning and Organising  - Customer Service -   Customer Service Management - Organisational Culture - Business & Report Writing - Managing Change - Monitoring & Evaluation


- Our Motivational Presentations seek to draw attention to, and encourage tapping into the innate power of the individual, and by extension the group, for unleashing potential. These presentations facilitate self-evaluation and serve as a performance “boost up”.

- Our Coaching Programmes – ‘Life’, ‘Executive’, and/ or ‘Business’ recognise that the output of individuals and organisations may be boosted, inter alia, through a performance-focused partnership between the coach and the ‘coached’. Strengths are highlighted for replication of positive outcomes, while specific strategies are developed for addressing obstacles to goal achievement.



Value Added Coaching

Getting more from your workers through empowerment
How To Give Pointed Public Speaking Presentations
Customer Service & Customer Service Management
Raising The Bar - Rising Beyond
Motivational Presentation - Effective Interpersonal Communication
Leadership Supervision & Management

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We provide Business Operations and Development support through

(i) Book-keeping and Accounts services, including the preparation and update of financial reports. The client is able to focus attention on other key areas of performance of the business, while remaining confident that operational matters are being handled in a timely and cost-effective manner ; 

(ii) Organisational Documentation services, with respect to writing and /or review of documents including:

- Organisational Handbook
- Procedures Manual
- Requests for Proposals (RFP’s)
- Letters & Reports